Assignment #10

April 29th, 2010

Delineate the definition of reading to which WL, DI, and CL subscribe in the text and your opinion of each.

Theoretical and Instructional Approaches to the Teaching of Reading

April 29th, 2010

You are asked to plan and conduct a brief investigation to explore the theoretical orientations to the reading process and instruction.  The requirements for the project are as follows:

  1. Conduct a four hour observation of a classroom of your choice.  You may not conduct your investigation in our own classroom.  The observations may occur over repeated visits. 
  2. Write a 5-6 paged, single-spaced paper outlining the following points: (a) your general observations, (b) theoretical approaches to reading that we have discussed in class, (c) how the instruction services or does not service the students in the classroom (pay particular attention to the ways in which instruction is linked–or not linked– to students’ cultural lives), and (d) the social, cultural, and political context of schooling and its influence on children’s learning.    
  3. Please use the following headings in your paper: Location of observation, General observations, Theoretical approaches to reading, Reaction
  4. You must reference multiple readings to support your response in your paper. 

Assignment Due Date

April 24th, 2010

You will have until midnight on Tuesday, April 27 to add your comment.

Assignment #9

April 24th, 2010

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

What is the meaning of  the idiom “Melting Pot”?

In your opinion, what is one asset that the Hmong people have to offer?

Reading and Teaching

What is your critical literacy view of the DI and WL reading process and instruction?

assignment #8

April 11th, 2010

what is good teaching?

April 11th, 2010

Literature Interpretation Project

This literature interpretation project is designed to involve you in an “aesthetic transaction” with a book of your choice.  You will have an opportunity to experience first-hand “multiple ways of knowing” and the process of “transmediation.”

In your interpretation project, you should focus on any aspect of the book that is personally meaningful to you: a particular character, event, setting, relationship, question, theme, etc.  What is most improtnat is that you involve your emotions and thoughts in one or more alternate sign systems (music, dance, art, drama, etc.) as you craft a project that demonstrates your connection to the story.

If you appreciate and enjoy art, play with images and make use of color, shape and form.  If music is a passion, consider the type of music or instruments that could be utilized.  If photography suits you, certain images might best express what you think or feel about the story.  If theatre or drama interests you, prepare an original dramatic reading or sketch.  Think about combining two techniques such as poetry and art or music and photography.    What’s important is that your response project does not rely on print alone.  Be willing to take a risk!

Completed projects will be presented to the class.  In your presentation you should discuss the following:

Why did you choose the sign system(s) you used?

What is the relationship between your interpretation and the materials you selected?

How does this story demonstrate your personal connection to the story?

How has this project enhanced or transformed your understanding of the story?

Your presentation should be about 5-10 minutes long.

Literature Interpretation Rubric

Grading Rubric


Grade: A B C
Project is colorful and uses a variety of modes and mediums (i.e. photos, pictures, color, materials, texts) to represent its format. Project is somewhat colorful and uses only one mode or medium to represent its format. Project is not colorful and uses only one mode or medium to represent its format.
Project is presentable to classmates and shows effort. Project is somewhat presentable to classmates and shows little effort. Project is not presentable to classmates and shows no effort.
Your project demonstrates how the reading clearly impacted you as reader. Your project demonstrates how the reading has somewhat impacted you as reader. It is unclear how your project demonstrates the impact of the reading on you as a reader. 
Your presentation is insightful and draws on your growing professional and personal experiences as a learner. Your presentation is somewhat insightful and occasionally draws on your growing professional and personal experiences as a learner. Your presentation is not insightful and presents minimal information based on your growing professional and personal experiences.
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